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Professional Camper Repairs

Skylight Vent Fixing In Motorhomes

The customer arrived at one of our Facilities in Málaga after having been traveling in Morocco with his mobile home for 3 weeks. A piece of the Rear Skylight had come off while he was driving the motorhome.

In this case, Jose, one of our best Repairers , did an exquisite job, removing the skylight and installing a completely new one. In only 3 hours of installation and 24 hours of drying, our friend was able to re-start his way back home.

It is important to remember to close the skylights of the Caravans when we are getting into the road, to prevent what happened to our friend the Moroccan adventurer! ^^

Battery Fixing and Replacement

In this motorhome the problem was in the battery, it was deteriorated due to the passage of time and it did not load properly.

It was a simple repair, simply replaced the battery with a new one and at the same time we did a new installation of all the wires, plugs, etc. This is recommended when the entire electrical system has been used and damaged for a long time.

In many cases, the deterioration of cables can even cause a fire in mobile homes, so it is very advisable to check your motor home electrical system every one in a while.

Repair of Parabolic Antennas in Motorhomes

In this case a Motorhome Antenna was repaired where the fault was that the feeding signal wasn't getting properly to the Antenna. Once this power supply problem was solved, the antenna was configured and in a couple of hours the problem could be solved.

However we have had many more cases of failures of this type. In Caravanón we are experts in repairing all type of problems that derive from parabolic or any other type of antenna.

Contact us if you want to budget for an arrangement.


How do we fix this skylight?

13 March 2017

Motorhome Electric System Replacement

21 Mayo 2016

Parabolic Antennas in Motorhomes

23 Nov. 2016

Repairs of Mobile Homes in your Camping

We go where you are to Repair your Motorhome

It is a fact; The door to door repair is very important now a days. In Caravanón we offer this service to repair Motor homes , Caravans and Campervans. The idea of ​​moving to the campings or even to the client's own house to carry out repairs is very convenience for the cliente, how does it work?

First of all and foremost, in Caravanón we are lovers of Motorhomes and the camper world, and that´s why we know firsthand how unpleasant it can be to have to collect all the packages from the camping area and move to the motorhome repair shop . Which in many cases it can also mean mobilizing the whole family simply to fix some mobilehome flaws . So in Caravanón we have the solution for you:

How does repair at your own home or camping work?

You will simply have to contact our Caravanon team. Enter your email or phone in any of the forms where we ask you on this page or call us directly at +34 639 64 73 82 .

Once we have your details, and the type of repair you need in your motorhome. We'll look at the possibilities depending on the type of repair . If it can be arranged by sending one of our boys, we will send him in the moment. Otherwise there will be no other choice than to bring the motorhome, caravan or campervan to our repair shop

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