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Repairs in Málaga For Motorhomes

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I ended up very satisfied with the work that they did in Malaga, they fixed the skylight, I stayed to sleep in their facilities until I could continue my trip.
Jorge - Málaga

Why do we choose this workshop in Malaga to repair your Motorhome

  • Available every day from 8:00-19:00: +34 678 647 490
  • Very effective in terms of speed in the low, mid and high season.
Distance from city center of Málaga
  • Less than 5 kilometers
A Little About The Company
  • This company is dedicated to the manufacture of motor homes and campers. So the repair department will be able to fix any damage that your motorhome has suffered without any problems.

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Repairs in Malaga

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Motorhome Repairs in Málaga Capital and surroundings

This is a very popular area for motorhome, especially in the high season, because of its proximity to the beach and the coast of the sun in general. It is a transit zone where many people pass when comming back from Morocco, as there are ferries that leave even from Malaga Capital and take them precisely to the North zone of Africa where they can begin their adventure with caravan by that zone.

Due to this traffic of persons with caravan and motorhome, especially the months from March to September, our motorhome shop is exclusively instructed throughout the year to repair any type of imperfection in motorhomes that may need it.

In high season we also offer "door-to-door" services or rather where you are camping with the caravan. Simply mention it when you contact us, and if the fault or malfunction can be solved without having to witness the autocaravan in our facilities, our team will move to the area where it is at the moment. Without having to leave the site.

The service we offer from Caravanón is very simple, you simply have to contact us and tell us the type of damage you have, we will give you an approximate budget and you will be able to choose from a variety of workshops where to take your motorhome to repair, depending on the finishes that your are looking for and how much you are intended to spend.

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Where to find our facilities in Malaga?

It is located just 15 minutes from the beach and 10 minutes from Malaga capital. In this establishment or workshop only motorhomes and caravans are arranged. If what you are looking for is to fix your camperized van, we can also solve any problem that derives from it.

Ideally, contact us and we will provide you with information about the costs of the arrangement, when you can bring it, how long it will take to repair, etc. Simply call us or enter your phone in any section where we ask.

We have now enlarged the number of workshops with which we work, and we have several motorhome workshops in Málaga Capital at your disposal ... simply enter your details, we will call you right away and once you tell us your breakdown, we will pass you several quotes, you can choose The one that most suits your pocket without compromise.

Lista de precios orientativa de las reparaciones

Here you can see some of the services we offer in our Malaga workshop. It is important to keep in mind that these prices are merely orientative and may vary, both upward and downward.

Remember that in our facilities we make whole motorhomes, and we make all the repairs that are necessary. Then if you do not find what you want in the list, do not worry, contact us to get a quote more tailored to your needs.

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