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This summer we were in the camping of Cadiz when the refrigerator stopped working, luckily, the technician moved to the campsite and we could fix it in a few hours. It was really hot and we only thought about enjoying our cool beers. We were very happy with the work done.
Melanie - Germany

Why do we choose this workshop in cadiz to repair your Motorhome

  • Available every day from 9:00-15:00: +34 678 647 490
  • Very fast and professional service in high and low season.
Distance from city center of Cádiz
  • Less than 5 kilometers
A Little About The Company
  • Really good company allocated not far from the city center of Cadiz. They are really helpful moreover in the peak season

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Repairs in cadiz

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Mobile homes Fixed in Cadiz

Cadiz is one of the most visited areas by motor homes in summer time, whether for its beaches or its small corners. One of the favorite places for campers is Tarifa. It has different campsites for all those surfers who want to enjoy the wind and kitesurf. You can do infinite sports on this beach, so campers spend most of the summer time camping around the beaches of Tarifa.

In summer time you can walk through the Tarifa beaches and cound more than 500 motor homes, campers and caravans all along the coast. It´s no wonder our caravan workshop here is one of the best of the country.

One of our services that you can find very helpful is the "home service", in other words we will arrange a visit and we´ll repair your motorhome just in the place where you´re staying without the need to move all your camping stuff and hit the road again just to repair something on your mobile home or caravan. Very convenience!

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Where to find our facilities in Cádiz?

It is only 20 minutes from Tarifa and 50 minutes from the center of Cadiz. Just ask us and we´ll show you some pictures and tell you more about the place. If you really want to repair your motorhome here we´ll give you a quote and the address so you can clear your mind.

Contact us, there´s no obligations. Just ask whatever you need and we´ll try to help you out the best we can.

List of prices indicative of repairs

It would be very difficult to give an exact quote or prices because the number of possible malfunctions and repairs in a motor home are basically endless. So your best choice is contact us or introduce your phone in any of the boxes in this page.

We´ll contact you as soon as possible and we´ll arrange a visit for you in some of our workshops here in Cadiz. We can also send some of our guys to have a look at your problem and try to solve or repair your motor home on the fly. Just let us help you!

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