The installation of an air conditioning in our motorhome has become today an essential but essential accessory, since if we want to enjoy the motorhome in our summer holidays and especially if we are going to travel in the south of Spain or Even in the interior of the peninsula where the hot days can perfectly reach 40ºC, we will think very seriously about the installation of a special roof air conditioning for motor homes.

So if you are one of those who are thinking of mounting an air conditioner for the next summer, this article interests you. </ P>


Many people come to our facilities requesting advice to decide to install an air conditioner in their motorhome, since there is a great ignorance of how these type of air conditioners work.

First of all we must know that the air conditioning in campers run exclusively at 220v, given its power ranging from 1600w in the smallest equipment and the 2600W for larger equipment is obligatory to feed us through an external source that supplies us 220v Such as camping, or bring our own generator.

 And now comes the time to choose which is better, whether to enter in camping whenever the heat squeeze to turn on our air conditioning or else, take advantage of riding an electric generator and enjoy our air conditioning wherever we are without the need to Having to go through a campsite. Without a doubt the cheapest option is to mount it without a generator and for a few days that can make extreme heat we put ourselves in a camping and ready, but of course in the summer months depending on where we are it can be difficult to get site in a camping if We have not booked previously, on the contrary if we have chosen to mount an electric generator we will have no problem and we will enjoy whenever we want without restrictions.

And now the question that would

How much does it cost to install an air conditioner with and without a generator?


Well, that depends on several factors. First, the brand and the model and secondly, the power of the equipment that we want to install, because depending on the size of our motorhome we will need to install one or the other. Among the best known brands would be the air conditioning of the brand Dometic Freshlight, although there are also other brands that leave nothing to be desired as are Telair or Truma and some other whose prices are slightly lower and its quality is indisputable.

In the following index you can find the different air conditioners and generators that we can install in our motorhome, depending on our needs and budget.

If you do not know what air conditioning to install in your motorhome, contact us without obligation, calling us or entering your details below.

1- Air Conditioners Ceiling

We recommend these three air conditioners: Dometic, Truma and Telair Silent .

what air conditioning for your motorhome

Installation of Air Conditioning in a Motorhome.

installing conditioning air caravan

2- Portable Generators

As far as generators are concerned, there is no doubt that the most economical are portable inverter generators. For example, they are highly valued among the caravanistas those of the Honda brand for its light weight, low consumption and not for its quality.

generator for motorhomes power

3- Dometic Encapsulated Generators

On the other hand we have the generators of encapsulated type that need fixed installation in the low of the camper and control display inside the motorhome; The best-known brand is Honda, although it is marketed by the Dometic brand, among the most popular models are the Dometic T-2500, Dometic TEC 29 and Dometic T4000. These generators for their great technology and the installation they entail makes the price a little high, between € 3500 and € 6000 already installed with its independent gas / diesel tank.

The truth is that encapsulated generators have great advantages compared to laptops, among them that you do not have to be taking them out and storing them every day, they have an independent deposit and the on and off is done from inside the motorhome without having to We did not even get off. Another great advantage highly appreciated among caravanists is their high level of soundproofing making them really almost silent.

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4- Installation Time

How long does it take to install an Air Conditioning in a Motorhome?

As it will depend a little on how we have the space distributed in the ceiling and the interior furniture, on average we could say that about 8 hours can be more or less as we say depending on some factors.

If you are thinking of mounting an air conditioner, a good time as with the air conditioners, demand increases exponentially in the summer months and the caravaning workshop is full, so we recommend to be forecasters and put it in Winter or spring at the latest.

Do not hesitate to ask us, it will be a pleasure to advise you on the installation that suits you depending on your needs and provide you with the best price for the installation of your air conditioning.