A few years ago, when I started motoring back in 2000, I remember being parked on the beach or anywhere and people looking at you like you´re a weirdo. Today the thing has changed a lot, having a motorhome is no longer a thing for foreigners or poor Spaniards, none of that, now people stand by your side and ask you about your motorhome, even among our friends And acquaintances who has not thought about buying a motorhome or making a camper van tailored to one of the many workshops that exist today?

And is that it is rare the day that I do not hear someone say I am thinking of buying a motorhome and it is that, why not say it ?, traveling in motorhome or camper has become fashionable. Many people who were previously reluctant to this type of tourism, now see the multitude of advantages that has against conventional tourism, for example, what happens if we have made a reservation in a hotel to go to spend a few days to ski and it turns out that There is not enough snow Then we will have two options, or you cancel that reservation, you lose the money and you stay in your house or, you pick up and you plant in the hotel even though you can not ski. However, if that same trip we raised with a motorhome, at the time that has changed the time, we changed the plan on the fly and we go to the beach and enjoy a weekend of sun and surf, kitesurf, Diving, etc. This example is perhaps one of the biggest advantages that the motor home has. Another example would be, where we put the sports equipment of the whole family if we all do kitesurf, surf, MTB bike, etc? For the truth that in a conventional trip we can not take everything, we will have to choose every weekend to do a sport, however if you travel in motorhome you can load absolutely all the sports equipment and practice as a family your favorite sports. As you can see, there are many advantages, however, we must know different points before buying a motorhome.

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In the following index you can find the different points to consider before buying a motorhome.

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1- What is a Motorhome

The first thing we should know is what a motorhome consists of. Well, a motorhome is a vehicle that consists of a tractor head with a chassis in which is mounted a housing certificate which depending on the model have as basic services, lighting, several beds, living room, bathroom with toilet and shower, heating And hot water, air conditioning, etc. The difference with the caravan is that while it is designed to obligatorily have to spend the night in camping and use the services of the same, the motor home has all the autonomy to camp in any place without having to enter a camping, hence A motorhome is worth at least twice what a caravan is worth.

On the other hand, now are also very fashionable camper vans, which are vans adapted as a box van and come to have practically the same amenities as motorhomes but with a smaller size. The most common are like the Volkswagen California, whose owners use it as a journal vehicle and then to travel on getaways.

choosing among motorhomes

2- What are the prices when buying a motorhome?

When buying a motorhome the first thing that we have to be clear is our budget, and based on it start looking for and value both the new market and second hand, since, if we want a new vehicle and our budget is for Below the 40,000 € we will have to settle for medium and fair equipment vehicles. However, with that same budget and even with less, we can find a motorhome with a few years, kms, and very equipped second hand, since the motorhome operators are gradually installing very useful accessories such as awnings, solar panels, bicycle carriers , Parabolic antennas, etc. and of course these are worth a money that also has to be valued.

On the contrary, if we move in the fringes of € 40,000 to € 60,000, the fan opens, choosing motor homes both capuchins and profiled with a myriad of configurations where we will surely find ours.

And finally, if we have a free budget we can spend what we want from integral motorhomes of 7.30 m to real mansions on wheels with rooms that move to the outside, garage to keep a porch and even with jacuzzi in the Roof, logically these motorhomes (large motorhome) are within reach of only a few, but that delight us every time we see them at caravanning fairs.

But why such large differences in prices in motor homes that seem to be the same ?, same configuration ?, same number of squares with apparently equal equipment? Quite simply, the differences start with motorcycle brands, usually mid-range motorhomes mount high chassis like Fiat Ducato, while high-end motorhomes are powered by Mercedes, Iveco or Man engines, all of them with their Respective stages of motorizations, going from the less powerful engines the multijet 130Cv to the Iveco, Mercedes of 180Cv and even more if we speak of motorhomes. Then, as in any vehicle, with extras that take in cabin and finally and where is the great difference is in the qualities with which the house of the autocaravana has been constructed; Wood, insulation used, electrical system, plumbing, electric beds, oven, awning, heating, refrigerator, satellite dish and a long etc. Each and every one of the components and accessories that mount a motorhome are made by different manufacturers in different qualities and the sum of these, plus all of the above mentioned, makes the price can vary about 20,000 € being like we have said similar vehicles.

3- Where to buy a Motorhome?

Nowadays it is rare that in our city we do not have a distributor of some brand or of several and but in the town or neighboring city. I recommend when looking to buy a lot, visit many dealers, ask them to let you enter the motorhome and be at least 5 minutes inside them to imagine what it could be a holiday inside and go slowly outlining the settings that best Fits with us. The ideal is to compare prices, to visit all the possible fairs, since, in these it is normal to find very good offers, in fairs usually are the most important firms like Benimar, Movilleta, Hymer, Adria, Frankia, Sun Light, Concorde , In addition to the environment that is usually conducive to ask everything you want, look, touch, try, etc.

where can I buy a motorhome

4- What types of Motorhomes exist?

Motorhomes are basically divided into 3 very defined groups that we will detail below:


Currently, these vehicles are the super sales for its price. These motorhomes are characterized by having a hole in the upper part of the cabin that is used to have a fixed bed. The advantage of these motorhomes is that they have a great space-places-price ratio. On the contrary, it is a little penalized in the driving since the Capuchin motorhome offers greater resistance to the front and lateral wind, reason why the consumption is seen a little penalized in these vehicles.

capuchins motorhomes how are


 These motorhomes are characterized by being more aerodynamic than the Capuchins, but nevertheless lose the bed on the cabin. Nowadays the tendency is to pull by this type of motorhome intermediate between the capuchin and the integral, are very achieved the spaces getting the same places as a nasturtium but that behaves better on the road, less consumption, more agile, etc.

type of motorhomes


Integral motorhomes are considered high-end vehicles, their body is mounted on a chassis becoming a monocoque, unlike with the capuchins and the profiled, in the integrals the space is super well used in such a way that the cabin becomes part Of the living room, which at the same length plus feeling of space. The only drawback is its high price always above € 70,000 except specific offers that a particular brand can make.

integral motorhome

5- Equipment of a motorhome

 Finally, let´s see the issue of equipment, number of seats, configuration, accessories, etc. When buying a motorhome, a very important factor to take into account is the equipment that offers us, since each accessory we want to install Our motorhome after having bought will cost us a good money, it is best to take this information into account and give added value to motorhomes that in principle have similar prices and identical configuration and in one we offer a solar plate, a bicycle rack and an awning And the other comes bare, the right decision is to lean towards the one that comes most equipped. Among the equipments that are not usually included in the series we have antenna and tv, gas oven, 12v compressor fridge, awning, satellite dish, air conditioning, electric generator, solar panels, large amperage batteries, heating and gas hob, , etc. All these are the most common accessories that we surely plan to install them and that together can reach the 10,000 €. Another important issue to take into account is the number of seats since in many motor homes to manufacture PMA of 3500Kg they have to reduce squares or remove equipment to avoid weight, if we want 5 or 6 places with comfort almost all probability we have to leave To oneautocaravana de doble eje.

Here are some of the configurations that more acceptance are having.

choosing motorhome distributions

Do not hesitate to ask us, it will be a pleasure to advise you on the choice of motorhome that best suits your needs.