Truckers and campers often come to our workshop very worried because they have noticed some kind of humidity on the roof, floor or walls of their vehicle. In a certain very high of the vehicles that arrive to us and we begin to work in them we find that the vehicle arrives a little late, the corrosion and the rust in motor homes already is in a very advanced state and much of the zone Affected is totally rotten.

The very important to perform periodic maintenance or review to avoid a major repair in the future.

In this entry we will play in depth topics related to the internal care of the Autocaravana. As it is mentioned in the above sentence, it is essential that, as soon as the first symptom of humidity appears (for example), you go to one of our facilities, since it is very likely that you already have humidity in many other parts.

Here we explain how to carry out an exhaustive study of your motorhome to check that you do not have problems of serious humidity, in other words, a mandatory maintenance that you should carry out periodically, if you do not want to end up as the customer of the photo below (exaggerating a little ).

how to maintenance motorhomes

Logically in this photo has exceeded the barrier of good maintenance with more. This would surely be a motorhome abandoned in the open for years (it will not be your case, I hope).

In the following index you can find the different points that will be touched on this page, you can go directly to the one that interests you the most if you think that, that is precisely the failure of the motor home.

As always if you need us to take you out some kind of repair in your motorhome or even any kind of maintenance or overhaul. Contact us without obligation, calling us or entering your information below.

1- A good maintenance of the motorhome </ b>; Essential

The motorhome is just like any other vehicle, when it is new it gives few problems (or desirably none), but as soon as they begin to become "bigger " all kinds of failures begin to appear; Electric, deposits, or (what we are going to treat here) of humidities and oxides.

 I will try to explain how to carry out a study of your motorhome to check if it is affected by rust, in that case you should go immediately to one of our workshops specialized in Motorhomes.

We could basically distinguish 3 cases:

-Humories due to small leaks: This case is not worrisome. Here we could include leaks of skylights, or joints in any area, or even condensation in the inner areas of the bus. These cases are not important at first, but you have to take precautions and make a repair as soon as possible, as it could trigger a bigger problem.

- Humidities due to large leaks: These are easily observable and usually reach customers to fix them quite frequently, in the first states of the failure, as soon as they appear. You are simply observing something out of the ordinary, possible puddles of water on the floor that can derive from a leak in the roof, etc.

-Humories due to imperceptible infiltrations: These are the worst, because we will be deteriorating the entire interior of the motor home without us noticing. Here is the compulsory maintenance, after a certain time, when motor homes begin to show symptoms of deterioration (from 10 years, or even earlier) and failures of this type usually start.

Another way to check humidity is from the outside, from outside you can see the humidity as you can see in the next photo.

maintain motorhomes

2- Maintenance when the rust appears on the Autocaravan

We all know it is rust, but the question is how will it affect our camper or motor home?

Well, at this point it is best to explain what the oxide consists of. The rust is like a cancer but in vehicles, depending on the state in which you are going to have a treatment or another, even "metaphorically speaking" can arrive, since we have arrived very late to the workshop, if the Illness has reached the vital parts of the vehicle, engine cradle, anchors, suspension, floor, etc., imagine if the anchorage where the engine is subjected ends up breaking completely, it is possible that the engine will remain hanging from that part ... And if we leave the suspension in a curve or we run out of brake fluid because of a rusty and rotten hose? Well, I do not think we have to explain much more to realize the seriousness of the matter.

In the next photo you can see a repair that was carried out on Caravanón of a fairly severe oxide (you have to try not to reach this point).

rust in motorhomes

Once explained a little, with an example that we all unfortunately know today "cancer" how can we cure the humidities and oxides of our motorhome or camper? Because the solution is to completely eradicate the oxide sanitizing the affected parts, for it will have to lift, disassemble everything in the vicinity of the affected area to have access to the area until you reach those more remote places where Find the problem and then treat with anti-oxide product, paint, reseal and close with carpentry, and reassemble all the furniture that previously had to be dismantled, that is a major operation ...

But of course once we explain to our customers all the time that it is going to take the process, in some cases more and in others less the repair of the rust or humidities in your motorhome RV, the questions that pose us are the following and ¿ How much is this going to cost me? Is it worth repairing? Or is it preferable to sell my caravan for a small fee?

The answer is difficult and very personal, because everything will depend of course on the level of involvement of the rust that the vehicle has and the real venal and sentimental value that the motorhome has for us, etc.

3- Steps for rust repair in the Autocaravan

Once it is decided to repair there are several techniques to clean the oxide.

-Arenar: This process is the best as long as you can, since it can not always be applied, in the bass can be provided as long as there are no holes, and what if the sand that comes out under pressure will get inside the motor home And will cause great destruction inside. This technique is usually done when in the vehicle there is no furniture and what, it is a great job and very expensive to dismantle all the furniture.

 The only disadvantage in quotation marks is that this work has to be done by a professional to avoid damaging sensitive parts of the vehicle such as hoses, pipes etc., even if it is possible to sanitize as much as possible, Concrete will consequently have to replace part damaged by a new replacement and it would even be interesting to get to disassemble the engine to clean the entire cradle of the engine, which is something that has difficult access to anyone's sight.

repair caravanas and motorhome for maintenance

Cutting and grafting: This technique is carried out when we can not put the camper in the sand blast and the affected area is very focused on a specific point, then cut the affected part and replace it with another By means of cutting and welding to finish with the tarting of the low and if it is in the ceiling is worked with fiberglass or aluminum and then paint.

4- Real cases of Motorhomes repaired by Caravanón

-Afterwards we present the photos of a legendaria camper Mercedes James Cook that has visited our workshop to make a rust cure, as you can see in the photographs, it has been necessary to dismantle all the furniture, to have access to the wheel passers that Were completely bored with the rust, which was where the moisture was filtering into the interior of the van, which is why the floor was the sunken floor.

maintenance of motorhomes and caravans

After this, the grafting technique will be practiced, and not only that, it will be necessary to reinforce the longitudinal beams of the van which are totally affected, for that it will be necessary to cut the area of ​​the back part, to do works of sanitation and to leave it Prepared to later weld the new sheet in the floor of the motorhome of our client, impregnate with antigravilla the bass and reassemble all the furniture again, we are all a work for a happy ending !!! ^^

In these photos you can see the state in which our client brings us the van to camper. It is obvious that in such an advanced state of oxidation and on this basis you can not work seriously like throwing money into a broken pocket, right? In such an advanced state of oxidation. So in this case if we have offered our client to completely ground the vehicle both inside and below, then we will give your anti-oxide, the antigravel and you are ready to start to camper. Without doubt the preparation that deserves this piece of van to camper to which we are going to make a very special camperización.

The steps followed roughly have been as follows:


maintenance of motorhomes and caravans


caravans maintenance


final result motorhome repair