Do not forget to close all Skylights and Windows of your Motorhome before you start driving.


If I had to write an appointment, this is the one that comes to mind. Since on many occasions, the owner of a motorhome or caravan comes to change them because they have been broken while they were driving. It is very simple to forget, especially after a few days of relaxation, you ride all in the motorhome ready to face the new stage of the trip, and suddenly when you least expect it, it breaks.

The problem is that even if it is a relatively simple reappearance, it is necessary to wait at least 24 hours to dry the glue that is cast so that it seats well and is made a piece next to the paneling of the same. Then we are already causing a break in the holidays ... and this not very nice.

In this page I will explain to you from the types of skylights that you can install to your motorhome (in case you are tired of that small window that had of series), until the costs, models, sizes, qualities, etc.
If you do not want to read all the information I have written (although if you do, in the end, thank you). Take a look at the index a little lower, and you can go directly to the section that interests you if you prefer.

1- What skylight is more appropriate for my AutoCaravan ?

Basically you can mount two types of skylights in your motorhome, the model with fan (very appropriate for the summer) and the one that simply allows you to have an opening in the roof, and works with natural ventilation. Within each model you can find different sizes, from the smallest of even 20x20, to true mastodons ... gigantic skylights 110x110 (yes, more than a meter of window in the ceiling to see toooodas the stars you can ^^).

type of skylights for your motorhome

If you have already chosen a type and you think you have finished, you are wrong, it is up to you to choose the quality of the material in which you will mount your aerator;). Going through a wide range of materials (it will also vary quite a bit)

2- Time needed to change a Skylight

The time required to change it depends very much on the type of skylight that is installed, if you want to install it, or if you want to install some other model. On many occasions, some customers have asked us about the possibility of installing an older one, since for any reason, they think that the one they have at the moment has been small.

 how to change a motorhome´s skylight

It is very important also to take into account the drying time of the same, since once installed should wait an average of 24 hours to dry properly. In some cases, skylights have been repaired at the moment a customer has arrived at our facilities and it has been allowed to spend the night in the premises in order to continue their holiday the next day without risk that the repaired skylight will come off again .

3- Changing the standard skylight ... No problem

Are you bored with that skylight that came with the motorhome 10 years ago? Is it so obscured by the passage of time that it does not let light in? Do you want a BIGGER? Or worse still, have you lost hermeticity and water?

You are hoping that the answer to all these questions is yes, and you are not mistaken ... However in these more delicate cases (and my advice is that in all the others too) you go to a professional. Since we are talking about elements inside a motorhome which, if placed, installed or repaired in an improper way, can cause serious damage.

If you need advice of any kind, you can contact our team of Caravanón, we will inform you without commitment, and depending on your location we will go to a motorhome workshop specially dedicated to motorhome repair.

It is also very typical to find motor homes that have water leaks due to the passage of time and the deterioration of fixing and sealing materials.

As you can see in the next photo, this caravan came with occasional water leaks when it rained excessively. It had to be dismantled, taking advantage to install a new skylight and refill all areas with their special sealing to prevent this problem again.

sealing a skylight

4- No need to homologate the skylight

If you change the skylight of the motorhome and you put some of similar characteristics, it will not be necessary to homologate it. As a general rule, even if you want to install some much larger, small or by much, it will not be necessary to pass for the homologation of it.

In caravanón we will advise you on what you need to know about the approval of skylights, if necessary. If you have any questions on this topic, what type of skylight can be installed in your motorhome, recommended sizes, whether you can replace the one you currently have installed, or any other question. Enter your details below and we will contact you as soon as we can