The convenience of installing an antenna in a motorhome is very noticeable, it will end those times of boredom and you will have satellite TV! What else do you want? ^^.

Do you want to continue enjoying that series that has you hooked when you go on a trip? Perfect, here is the information you were looking for.


Many times the connection with the satellite in our motorhome is deconfigured one day and the other. This may be due to many factors, that the dish or antenna does not function well, and need to be repaired or replaced. But it can also be connection problems, device compatibility itself, or just a bad configuration.

We have written this content to guide you a little and guide you step by step the most frequent problems that often occur in the installation of antennas in motor homes. If you have any doubt your situation is not any of the cases that we expose here, do not hesitate to contact us and we will solve your doubts without commitment. We will provide budget if you need it.

repair motorhomes antenna

In this photo you can see Jóse, one of our expert caravanón repairmen. He is fixing a dish that did not work properly, finally the problem was localized and it was simply repaired without replacing the antenna itself.

In the following index you can find the different points that will be touched on this page, you can go directly to the one that interests you the most if you think that, that is precisely the failure of the motor home.

1- The Antenna of the Motorhome is not being fed

Although it seems silly, it is not the first time that it happens; Due to the passage of time cables, fuses and connections can deteriorate so that the antenna stops working due to lack of power.

satellite antenna motorhome

It is easiest to start with the frame where the fuses are, verify that the parabolic is intact, or replace it in the opposite case. After this we would go to check for continuity of the cable from the power supply to the antenna (not the most normal but can happen).

All this would have to be checked if the failure of the antenna is total, that is, no respoonde in any way.

This problem would not be the most serious that we can find, it is relatively simple to repair (if the electrical fault is easily found) and will not cost as high as if the entire antenna had to be repaired or even replaced.

It would be helpful if such checks were carried out by a person who knew or was familiar with the type of electrical installations that a motorhome usually carries, since otherwise it is difficult to know where to start the checks.

Do you want to know how to repair a motorhome antenna with Caravanón, we will call you!

2- Satellite connection failures on Autocamera antennas

This problem can become a real headache if the antenna´s operating system, the types of errors, its interpretation, etc. are not well known.

There are not many tips that can be given in relation to these types of faults, simply have to be clear the type of antenna that has installed, the brand, etc. With this we can consult the manufacturer´s manual and be able to interpret well the faults that It is giving us Once you know the type of fault, the ideal is that you put in contact with our caravanón equipment and we will give you some guidelines to carry out this the diagnosis.

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