It is very important to check from time to time the entire electrical system of your motor home, starting with the cables themselves that lead all the electricity to the different points of your motor home to the secondary battery that you will have installed, through transformers, plugs, etc.

Like the circuits of any mechanism, those of the motorhome deteriorate over time and can become dangerous.


It is important to note that most circuits (as a general rule) will be operating at 12 volts, which means that the current flowing through the cables is high and can cause heating in different areas of the motor home.

In some cases we have found circuits installed in a "handmade" way with a very high risk. In motor homes that have been bought second-hand, for example, and have been made a way to be able to sell it at a higher price.

overheating wires motorhomes

Overheating of circuits can cause fires in the caravan, so it is highly recommended to carry out periodic inspections of the whole system and should also be carried out by a professional. In caravanón we will advise you on any type of doubt that you have.

Please read this page carefully to avoid potential problems such as those mentioned above. In addition if you are not sure if you need to reinstall the system, change the battery, or any issue related to the electrical system, you can bring the motorhome to our facilities and we will check it without cost or commitment. Enter your details and we will contact you as soon as possible

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1- What battery is more appropriate for my AutoCaravan ?

Basically there are several types of batteries that can be installed as secondary batteries in a motor home . One of the most common are AGM type. There are different capacities depending on the use to be made.

If your motorhome is already a few years old and has been installing some point of light, plugs, etc. You may have had a small battery and you have to change it for a larger capacity.

Besides this is not the only factor to take into account, since as we all know, the beterías have a number of life cycles (or times that can be loaded and unloaded). When the life of a battery runs out, it will take less time to run out and in the end it will almost be useless and will not do you any good.

It is interesting that at this point, in which you have to change the battery, make a small sizing (to know approximately the power you need to power the entire motorhome) and upgrade the battery to a larger capacity if necessary.

If you need us to do a study of your caravan to know which battery you should install, put your information below and we will inform you without commitment.

2- Replacement of transformers in motor vehicles

The transformer is a very useful device in a coach. Normally your electricity in a motorhome will be supplied by a 12 Volt battery whats the problem? As it is very simple, most of the equipment you use in your home (computers, mobile chargers, speakers, etc.) work at 230 Volts, we need a Transformer, which as its name indicates "transforms" the voltage from 12 Volts at 230, so you can make use of this electricity in the same way you do at home.

¿What happens then with these transformers? As in the previous section, these deteriorate over time and will depend on many factors that you need to install or replace. Since like the batteries, the transformers have their life of use and are devices that will end up not working a few years (depending on the brand or quality you install).

transformer motorhomes

They are appliances that get very hot when in use and have to be installed in places with some ventilation, or at least where it can not cause fire risk and scares.

 From Caravanón we recommend that if you have purchased a second hand motorhome, always check all the electrical system of the same. Since as professionals in the field of motorhome repair we have found true barbarities that endanger the safety of the person who buys a vehicle with these characteristics.

This situation is very common, so in motor home repair we have dedicated a complete department to review electric motor home systems for free. If you need us to take a look at your battery, cables, installation and so on; Simply enter your email or phone number in the box below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

3- Electrical panel in Motor homes

Like any other electrical installation, that of a motorhome, caravan or even in camper vans, you need a box to distribute electricity to the rest of the vehicle.

This is a secondary board with its fuses, well defined to know where you are feeding. It is very complex to find motorhome breakdowns when the electrical system is poorly organized.

If all cables are properly named, it is easy to check the continuity of the cables, to know which is failing and to repair it in less than half the time than if everything is a disaster.

motorhomes wires batteries

The advice is that when possible, identify the different fuses, cables, etc. With the idea that in the future, if there is an appliance missing in the caravan, it will be possible to know if it is from the refrigerator itself, television, etc, or rather from the electrical system, fuses, etc.

When a 230 Volt installation is carried out on a home vehicle, it is necessary to certify its correct operation and installation by a qualified worker or electrician. At Caravanón we have a team specialized in this work, then if you need to repair or check your electrical system, whether batteries, transformers, cables, box, fuses or any aspect touched on this page, simply contact us.

4- Older cars: Electric system and Batteries

It always depends on the use that has been given and the care you have, but as with any other aspect of the motor home, the electrical system must be taken into account and taken care of. Not only what you see with the naked eye is important. Since without a good electrical system your camper will not be working properly.

If it is very deteriorated, the advice we give you is to change it, install new battery, cables, etc. This money will be well spent since you will forget about problems related to the malfunction of any appliance. In addition with the advancement of technology, the appliances we install or replace today will be of much higher quality than those that can bring the motor home as standard.

To give an example, the batteries today have a durability that far surpasses those that were installed 10 years ago. In addition if you install it with a photovoltaic plate to recharge it, you will forget about problems of lack of electricity. It's the best you can do.

Still have any question?

If you are failing the electrical system in any aspect, the ideal is to repair your motorhome and install a new battery with your solar charger. It is very simple, you put your data down, we call you, you tell us your case and we advise you on the best procedure to follow to repair or fix the electrical system. Trust the best chain of motorhome repair shops.