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Where to repair your caravan in Spain?

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where to repair caravans

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I repaired my caravan one morning and at a more than reasonable price, Thank you Caravanón.
Rubén - Málaga

Where to repair your Caravana

  • You can contact us from 9:00-15:00: +34 639 64 73 82
  • We'll arrange an appointment depending on where you are with your caravan
Distance (depending on your location)
  • We will give you different locations near yours so that you have different options to repair your caravan and choose the one that best suits you
Something about Caravanón
  • In Caravanón we will offer you the best service depending on the area where you are!

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Where Can I Repair My Caravan?

Repair your caravan in a very easily way. Enter your details or contact us, we will call you and we will update on the type of repair your caravan needs. We will inform you of the quickest way to repair your problem (we will even try to help you without having to move to our facilities.

Depending on the area in which you are, we can offer you a special service, where we will transfer to the camping where you are spending your holidays and we will repair the caravan damage in the same place where you are enjoying the summer (or winter). You will not have to "hook" your caravan to the car and bring it, simply tell us when you call us that you want the service to go to the place where you are.

Many caravans owners prefer this service (even if this carries a small additional cost) because you do not have to move to repair the caravan , since in most cases the customer calls because his caravan had a fault, during his vacation, and it is difficult to move all your family members who are with you to go and fix it. Get in touch with Caravanón and you will see that it is not worth it to move to our facilities, better let us go wherever you are!!

This service is great and our customers love it, but unfortunately it is not available in all locations in Spain. If you would like to benefit from the home repair simply tell us when you speak to our repair department.

If you want us to look for a repair shop for your Caravana close to where you are, just introduce your details and we´ll call you.

Caravans: where to repair

When we contact you we will give you a series of workshops where you can go to repair your caravan . In most cases the repair shop that we advise will be specialized in the repair of all types of caravans, but also of camper vans and motor homes.

Depending on the type of replacement or repair and the area where you are (and if you do not mind moving to repair the caravan ), we will give you different budgets from different workshops. Tell us about where you would like to repair it, and the approximate price that you would like to spend and we will advise you on the best option to take.

Where to repair caravans and their prices

Since we work with different provinces and workshops, prices may vary depending on where you are. Then it is very difficult to give a price list accurately. But we can assure that we will give you quotes without any costs, ask us without commitment.

You can also ask us to find the best price for you all over Spain, as you may not mind moving from Galicia to Andalusia, staying a few days in the South on holidays and meanwhile repair your caravan. As always tell us the idea you have to repair the caravan when you call us.

From time to time we launch offers of repairs, ask us and we will tell you if there are any at the moment. Where to repair your caravan is up to you, but we will give you the best quote so that the decision you make is the right one. What are you waiting for? Call us!

Are you ready to repari your Caravana. We´ll call you for your convenience.

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